This is my first post on my new Hugo website. I’ve relaunched this old PicoCMS page in favor of probably the most used static generator at least in my corner of the internet.

I included a few old posts from my old blogger.com blog called ‘iamnodev’, since I am planning on retiring that one.

I fiddled a bit with this theme in particular to get things going and I am quite pleased with the results.

Some of my old posts I have not ported. Some of them are simply so outdated, that none of the mentioned services in the post are still in service, so it does seem a bit silly to keep the post. And in certain other cases I just don’t agree with myself from ten years ago any more.

I am sure this will become a reocurring theme in anybodys life at some point. I think that almost anybody realizes at one point that the earlier version of yourself was a bit of an idiot. And if you’re someone who is so full of yourself that you believe that there is nothing in you that can become something better, then it is very likely that I do not ever want to be accompanied by you.