Hi, my name is Jan Kapellen. Welcome to my homepage. If you are interested, you can read a little bit about my background on this page.


My industry background is mostly in digital advertising. About half the time with email marketing and the other half with display ads. My most recent expieriences range mostly around automation and management of that automation. I also had A few new expieriences include scalable multi-channel video streaming, e-commerce solutions, data center appliances and search-engines.

I also develop small webapps. My latest proof of concept was a small React.js app that can pull your current location and display it. It's not something very fancy, but it might help in situations where you are lost. You can view the result on

I worked on projects utilizing the following programming languages:

python, perl, php, JavaScript/TypeScript, clojure, bash

I have set up and administered the following software:

Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, Confluence, Jira, Jenkins, Couchbase, Hadoop (CDH <5), Redis, Qmail, Postfix, Powermta, Powerdns, Bind, Unbound, Solr, Kafka, Flume, Nginx, Apache Httpd, Ha.d/ldirector, Haproxy, Gitlab, PostgreSQL, MySQL and a lot more small bits and bobs that I already have forgotten about.

I mainly work on RHEL and Debian based operating systems.

I have worked mainly in Kanban based project environments.

I do have great in-depth knowledge on cloud-based infrastructure and apis, growing expierience in container-based infrastructure and some rather young knowledge in project management, it security, business intelligence and data science.


As for my hobbies, I love tinkering with embedded linux based hardware like the raspberry pi. To my favorite other timesinks I count audiobooks, tv series, computer games, cooking, dining, fancy drincs and chatting with friends and club members.

I am an active member of a local sports club and the chaos computer club in Frankfurt.

My most read (or well, mostly heard) authors of the last years are David Eagleman for non-fiction and Daniel Suarez for fiction.

To my top 5 tv-series I count 'Boston Legal', 'Life', 'Altered Carbon' and 'True Detective'.

My by far most played game within the last few years is 'Planetside 2'. I just love the futuristic setting an the sandbox/mmo/fps approach.

I hope I could give you some sort of a picture of myself. If you'd like to connect, I am available via most social networks/messengers (see contact) and if you would like to hit me up in person, I am at most open Thursdays at the Hackspace of the CCC Frankfurt.

Love to hear from you!