For some reason or another, you might want to hire me. If so, I might have directed you to this page. Please read the follwing carefully, since I will assume that the contents of this page are common knowledge to humans, that I am working with.

Please check back to this page before assigning me new tasks, since the rates presented on this page will be updated at least once a year.

First things first: I am not available for full-time-employment.

I am currently working in a very comfortable environment and I am not interested in any change of venue.

Assignment types

I can offer to help by consulting on cloud-automation and infrastructure projects. My weapons of choice here are Terraform/HCL, Ansible mostly on AWS or Azure.

The type of software projects I can realisticly help on is limited. I develop only in either procedural or functional fashion, utilizing languages that support that. I am an avid hater of (most) frameworks and object-oriented programming. This disqualifies me for almost all large-scale software development but makes me quite efficient for small productivity tools and event-based toolchains.

So if you want request-handlers, backup-scripts, data-movers or 'that piece of data in an excel looking like this' I can deliver safe, fast and reliable on a number of different platforms. If you would hire me for doing anything in a 10k+ lines Angular-project, you will likely drive us both crazy. I do not know, how you would manage to hire me for such a thing, but what do I know, maybe you are a very charming individual.

Assignment rules

Any assignment must not exceed 16 hours per week. This is a contractual obligation with my employer, so even if it is my absolute dream task, I need to restrain myself to that timebox.

There is only one day during the work-week on which I can offer either on-site presence or calls and that is Wednesday.


All rates are hourly rates in Euro. I currently can only accept wire transfers, if that does not work for you, talk directly to me.

Type of Work net incl. VAT
Consulting 108,72 129,38
Development 86,97 103,50


I do offer a flat 50% discount on the above mentioned rates if one or more of the following rules apply:

Further Questions?

Do not hesitate to ask! (see contact page)